How can I buy a 3D card? ➡️ I sell my cards on a commission basis only, please read Queue & Priority for more details.

How much does a shadowbox cost? ➡️ Typically between $120 and $250, please read Costs for more details.

Can you do cards from "..." game? ➡️ I can do cards from any game! So far I've done shadowboxes from Yu-Gi-Oh!, Cardfight!! Vanguard, Hearthstone, as well as a few other shadowboxes from non-card games. I have some commissions coming up from MTG as well!

Can you do the "..." card? ➡️ I don't take card requests, I normally only make cards that have been commissioned by customers.

How do you make the 3D cards? ➡️ Very simplified, the effect is achieved by cutting multiple copies of the artwork and stacking them together. For more detailed tutorials and making of videos, please read the Tutorials page.

What tools do you use? ➡️ Please see the Tutorials for details about the tools I use.

Do you use real cards? ➡️ Most of the times, yes. That being said, I can also print materials, which is a must for digital-only games.

How many cards do you use for a shadowbox? ➡️ Normally between 4 and 8, it depends a lot on the complexity.

❓ What cards did you make so far? ➡️ See the for a list with all my works.